Algorithm-based Smart Locks

Smart, Automated, No Internet Required

Another Option: Algorithm-based Locks

These options work great where maximum reliability is required and/or where connectivity is unstable/non-existent. That is poor wifi, poor cell signal, remote locations, etc. as no wireless connection is required.

  • Fully managed and automated, similar to our smart locks
  • Codes are generated per guest, staff, one-time, etc. from your phone or web
  • Fully integrated, including with reservation software via Big Smart Home platform
  • No internet required – uses encrypted algorithm-generated codes

How Does It Work?

Non-connected locks utilize what is often referred to as algorithmic technology to function without any connection whatsoever. Essentially, you enter the dates/times of a stay and the Big Smart Home Software generates a code specific to that lock and those dates. When the code is typed into the lock, it is deciphered by the specific lock and will activate based on the dates provided. The code is generated for that specific lock to work on the specified dates – thus never requiring the lock to be “online” or connect to receive anything.

Codes can still be generated by the Big Smart Home Platform, delivered to the guest and will expire as desired yet you never worry about the lock being offline.

Also, within your account, you can mix properties with connected and those with non-connected locks, unifying management under the Big Smart Home platform.

Pros & Cons vs. Connected Locks

Every technology has strengths and weaknesses, here are things to consider with Algorithm-based locks vs. wifi/connected locks.


  • No connection required (no WiFi nor Cellular)
  • codes instantly work (no transmission)
  • Never go “offline”
  • No Hub required (less hardware to purchase)
  • Better battery life (no battery-draining connections)


  • Cannot customize guest codes Codes
  • can be long – 7 to 10 digits
  • Cannot view property status or entry logs without visiting property
  • Staff will have unique code for each lock
  • Cannot delete a code prior to expiration without visiting property