Garage Control Offers Better Experiences for Guests

Get it right with a system that delivers on your investment

Garage access can be a great way to both improve a guest experience and simplify property management. When available, guests prefer garage access. Just like any home owner, guests prefer to pull into the garage and enter there rather than use the front door. Offering garage access has several key advantages:

  • Garage control hardware is significantly cheaper than door locks (less than half! our devices are under $80!). This can be a great way to cost effectively add access automation when done alone – no door lock needed.
  • No battery replacements ever required as garage hardware can be plugged directly into power (not floating on a door).
  • Staff and maintenance can access through the garage to avoid wear and tear on the home entry.
  • The front door aesthetic can be maintained when garage is used instead of front door locks (no lock replacement or keypads on the front door).
  • Owners can maintain their own set of codes and phone access to the garage as well, making things convenient and more like home.

If your properties have garages that can be used by guests, garage controls from Big Smart Home are a no-brainer.

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