Guest & Home Security is a Priority

Get it right with a system that delivers on your investment

A recent survey showed safety and security as the primary concern among guests and home owners when discussing home technologies.  Ways to improve and manage such liability will pay off in peace-of-mind, marketability, and will prove to be a competitive advantage for both bookings and new management contracts.

Current Risks with alternative “non-smart” solutions:

  • past guests can make copies of keys
  • keys are frequently lost – and found by who-knows
  • if coded locks exist, codes are infrequently changed and often repeated
  • logs of who has entered is almost impossible to keep
  • Alternative solutions are too costly & difficult to justify

So in order to address these, any home automation solution should check off as many of the following as possible:

  • provide detailed logs of property activity and the related parties involved
  • provide expiring, temporary, and unique access easily
  • provide warnings and alerts if something isn't quite right
  • provide encrypted and SSL secured online management to block hacking
  • Do all of this for an easily justifiable price and automated enough to actually be used.

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