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The Challenges

Code security

Guests feel uneasy with the idea that the codes never change and doing so regularly is a complex & difficult task.

Maintenance Staff

Cleaning and maintenance services increase the risk and expose the property even more.

Guests want Access

Guests often want access to the garage but owners don’t want to lose clickers

Responsible to Owners

If you manage for other owners, the weight of this responsibility feels even greater.

Big Smart Door is the Solution


Personalized Codes

Each guest is auto-issued a trackable, personalized, expiring code – peace of mind for all

Mobile ready

Guests receive a secure link to open the garage from their phone when they arrive.

Monitor Use

Monitor access logs for arrivals, maintenance entrance, and inactive code attempts

Integrates with you

Connects with property management software, works with existing garage doors, clicks, and keypads.