Smart Thermostats make savings automatic

Get it right with a system that delivers on your investment

Smart Thermostats add a great piece of property, oversight, control and direct return on investment. Most properties see nearly double the cost in savings within the first year!

We've teamed up with one of the largest thermostat manufacturers to bring a solution designed for the property manager with key features that automate the control and the savings.

Features such as:

  • preset and customizable seasonal control (different in summer vs. winter, etc.)
  • vacant temperatures vs. occupied target temperatures
  • floor and ceiling temperatures to ensure guests don't crank it to 100 or drop it to 0.
  • reporting and notifications to monitor if something is wrong.
  • support for multiple thermostats on a single property.
  • great pricing – about $100 w/ financing options for larger quantities. (compare that to $250 for Nest or even $500 for others)

Thermostats are a great addition to a an automation package that can include garage control, door locks, and more.

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